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A home with a story to tell

A home is not only structured with the bricks, concrete or cement but is synthesized by emotions, feelings of the ones residing in it. By definition, creating a ‘cosy’ space means creating a feeling of warmth and comfort, but how do you actually create a cozy environment?

By choosing the right blocks of furniture? No.

By choosing the right colors and textures? No.

By choosing the right illumination? No.

It’s a blend of all of the above in the right proportion. People might have different perceptions of their ‘comfort’. However different the definitions might be, here are certain keynotes to bring in the cozy air in the arena of a concrete shell.

A home with a story to tell

Each element in the house speaks of its existence and significance.

Each wall sets its own canvas; each wood-piece sings of its own tune, each thread of the fabric weaves its own emotions. All the elements of the house should complement each other in order to create a harmonized and cozy space.

Creating Contrast by A Blending Chorus of Colors

Colors are known to reflect your emotions, personality and moods and colors in a room give an insight of the people residing in there. A well-designed home is one where the color hues are complimenting the interior selection. Like bedrooms should have comforting colors having a touch of cool tones of blue, green or lavender to help relax and soothe the senses while living rooms should have warm and vibrant colors in contrast to earthy tones of furniture to enliven the live conversations.

One can create unmatched contrast by keeping the base colors to be light like white, ivory or grey and adding the vibes of antique bronze, ash grey, bistre brown or other darker shades which can turn the space alive and add more interest to the overall scheme.

Like a living room can raise the spirits when a light upholstered sofa is coupled with bright accent cushions, lively rug and beautiful metallic hanging lamps with brighter shades (in the picture on the left).

By modifying the colors, textures, we can give a meaning or purpose to space.

The Beautiful Details

Small details like the print on the fabric or a small vase on the vintage corner of the room or use of intricate mirrors or maybe a small artwork on a papered wall make the space complete in all sense. These tiny details usually go unnoticed while working out the concept, but they define the character of the space to a large extent and serve as an icing on the cake.

Talking about the use of mirrors in an interior space, they do accentuate the look by creating a faux space extending beyond the walls. Mirrors can be an intelligent addition if crafted in the correct manner.

Nature inside the doorstep

Nature heals the mind and soul. So why not extend the magical spell inside the concrete shell?

Choosing the right plants, also low maintenance ones can be integrated inside to bring in a sense of belonging.

A couple of chairs or a soft bench, a small table to have a cup of coffee or put your book on it, some candle lanterns or lights and of course greenery can create a perfect ambiance

Material Chemistry

Breakaway the monotony by playing with the materials and textures. Soft Materials like rich velvet upholstery and accented throw can be coupled with hard shiny surfaces while the background walls can be papered with neutral and geometric hues creating a visual retreat. Careful selection of materials and textures in sync with the color scheme can create a cozy vibe appealing the senses.

Weaving a Timeless Space

We, the humans easily grow tired of monotony be it our routine, people, the things around us or just be the home décor. By choosing a universal scheme, you can allow yourself for adding more design choices playing around with the shades and tints of grey, blue, Ivory, Taupe, russet, fawn and much more keeping the options open for flexibility in future.

Minimalism is another tool for making the space timeless. Be it the furniture of the living room, or the art panels on the dining room wall, there should always be a room for experiment and innovation to keep the spirits going well.

All in all, with a perfect blend of colors, texture and patterns, one can literally transform mere blocks of mud, bricks, and woods into a space full of thoughts, moods and emotions.


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