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Be ready for a cozy Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year when you feel like ‘love is in the air’ and you want to celebrate it in every possible way. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and one amazing way of sensing it is by creating such cozy and friendly surroundings to evoke our spirits.

There are ample ways to decorate your spaces to bring out the essence of love and happiness. Red is the color of love, passion and is associated with most positive emotions, therefore, most importantly a touch of red in your interior is essential unless you don’t really favor red.

Let us take a look at some of those creative ways of decorating your spaces to bring out the ethereal spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The purest and most effortless way is adding a bouquet of red roses or red flowers to your flower vases along with some white lilies if needed, which will throw a natural look and a lingering fragrance in the space.

Heart shaped wreath with red roses can be stunning probably on the door front or atop a fireplace mantel or even on one of the feature walls in your bedroom, living room or dining space. String of hanging flowers or a floral border as a backdrop on your walls can be fancy and lively.

If you want a more elegant and classy feel then you can enhance the warmth of your space with some soft and velvety throws on your sofas for a snuggly look, heart-shaped cushions, personalized his and hers pillows, red tablecloths or table runner or even a satin bedspread with a dab of red shades combined with white.

Unless you are too tired of seeing red everywhere then opt for those warm and subtle shades of browns, gold, creams and even white that will add the desired richness that is required. If you are planning a total revamp for a cozy ambiance then bring on the ‘valentine effect’ on your window treatments or upholstery with red and gold sheers or drapery and suede or thick plush upholstery for the chairs.

Mood lighting is essential! I wouldn’t suggest red lighting but the warm soft glow of lamps and decorative lights combined with other accessories can be exotic. Valentine without candles is simply a no-no.

Aromatic candles with sensual fragrance, heart-shaped or handcrafted candles or even LED candles with soft glows can be a perfect addition to your shelves or coffee table or dining table centerpiece.

Wind chimes or tinkling bells with soft sounds can be rhythmic and tranquilizing. Hang one of those beautiful heart chimes onto the ceiling or if you wish to give a more creative touch then opt for handcrafted paper garlands which will add an artful and chic look to space.

Oil painted canvas can be an amazing inclusion for your walls and for a more personalized touch, you can adorn your walls with picture frames to keep memories afresh.

Adding ceramic figurines, statues and freestanding wooden love signs on your shelves is a fantastic way to enhance the beauty of the space.

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