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Creating a Reading Corner in Your Home

Summer is finally here. Cocktails in the sun, magazines, books, vacation – bring it on!

It’s more than clear that activities which include reading are back in the game during the whole summer. Though the digital age is now in bloom, there is no technology that can actually compare to the feeling of holding a good book in your hands and enjoying your free time with a good read.

Home libraries are a very common thing, but those who could actually afford to have an enormous library in their own homes are pretty rare.

For once in a while, why don’t we improvise and make our homes reading-friendly whenever and wherever we can?

If you are a passionate reader and you want to learn some brand new tips about home improvement, just keep reading!

A Welcoming Front (or Backyard as Well)

If you live in a small house with a front porch, or even a small and intimate backyard, then this can be a start.

Now that summer is here, you could enjoy all sunny days while reading your favorite books in your favorite spot from your home.

If you’re wondering how to turn your porch into a creative reader-friendly corner, then this might be it for you.


Reading is an activity that requires comfort. And knowing this, transforming your porch into a cozy corner, where you could read a few pages during the day, seems very easy and budget-friendly.

In order you could accomplish your imagined design for the summer reading corner, you need to keep in mind couple of things.
For example, the easiest way to succeed is to be organized and this means that whatever you do, you need to stick to a previously made plan.

First of all, you need to find out your design theme. Whether you’re a modern minimalist or a vintage Victorian style lover, there is always a way to express yourself through styles.
When you have already discovered your theme for the reading corner, then comes the layout.

Layout usually is the most important thing in this little game. Imagine this like setting a scene for photographing, like a stage for movie making that needs to be prepared with some serious thinking.

These days, seems like Instagram and Pinterest have taken this all over and if you are struggling with some lack of inspiration, take a quick click here and you’ll get an original idea in a minute.

Everything is easier when you have the Internet access – believe it or not.

Last but not least, your layout needs some finishing touches before it’s finally completed.

Choose your favorite décor, or choose some of the many popular details that revolve around the social media.

Flamingos? Maybe pineapples or tropical fruits? Or relaxing vocational details that can remind you of ‘vitamin sea’ whenever you look at them.

The final choice is always yours to be.

Defining Your Balcony

If you’re not that lucky to own a wide porch, or if you live in an apartment that has a balcony (or even two), then you’re really lucky!

Balconies are such a great thing. It’s like having a room that is wide open to nature and the outdoors. And besides this, it stays engaged to the intimacy of the home for the whole time.

This summer, define your balcony adding some bold details.

Comfort always remains ‘a must’. Keep an eye on the size of your balcony and think what would be the ideal fit for it. Sometimes, size really matters.

A lovely table with a pair of vintage chairs, a swing or a small sofa. Maybe this seems like nothing, but believe it or not, it is enough to enjoy in the sun during the day.

Beautify your place adding some bouquet of flowers, vases, greenery, and of course – a cup of coffee or tea.

The Sweetest (Little) Things in Life

If an open balcony isn’t an option for you, then just relax, free your mind and the rest sure will follow.

The good thing about these reading corners is that they can be very adaptable to every place in your home. It’s all about the smart design and learning to implement it whenever it is possible and needed as well.

First of all, you need light. And when it comes to readers and spaces that are reader-friendly, then natural lighting is always important.

Choose a place that is near to large windows. Since this reading corner is placed inside, this might be the most important thing because – the more, the merrier. Natural lighting really matters here, so choose the perfect reading spot very wisely.

Next, you need to take care of the seating. Here, nearly everything could pass, as long as it’s pretty comfortable.

Whether is it a sofa, or a cozy armchair, it is all fine. To be honest, you’ll just need a cozy place to stretch your legs during those long allnighters in the company of your beloved books.

A perfect time to reorganize a corner from the hallway or under the staircase, right?


In the end, here we come to the conclusion that you can have your reading corner everywhere around your home.
All you need to do is just to think outside the box and start with the redecorating as soon as possible. You’ll be shocked by how creative you really are.

And if you’re feeling like you’re out of ideas, then don’t be sad and don’t you dare of giving up. Just check some hashtags on the social media and you’ll be back on track for sure.

Are you keen on reading books? Do you have your own reading corner at your home?
Please feel free to share your suggestions about popular books for this summer. Share your tips and tricks for maintaining and redecorating your home libraries as well.






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