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Declutter Your Home And Improve Your Life

Less is more became a phrase that is often used by those who appreciate minimalism in their everyday surroundings.

Minimalism strikes back again and this time, it is not all about the interior or design at all. It is a whole philosophy, based on how to continue living an uncluttered and more simplified life.

This might sound really attractive to many people, especially when knowing how horrible can it be if we start hoarding loads and loads of stuff that we barely even use.

And finally, the most important question would be: Where to start from?

New beginnings are always hard and most of us may feel a little anxious about them but on the bright side, the journey of decluttering doesn’t need to bring that much pain as some make it be or sound like this.

Indeed, it should be a really relaxing task that will calm not only your eyesight but to your mind and thoughts as well.

Just continue with your reading, to find out how to declutter the most used rooms from your home and to start fresh and clean for the new summer.

Thinking (and Acting) Smart

If you’re still wondering how to start or even how to make this whole process easier, then don’t panic and don’t you even think of giving up – we have bunch of advices that can really make all of this a lot more easier than it already sounds.

The most important thing to know before you start with your home declutter project is to have several baskets for sorting the different kind of things. This would be really helpful and you’ll be more organized through the whole process.

For example, take five baskets and put some labels on them, depending to their function. You’ll definitely need a trash, store, put away, donate, fix – bin and feel free to take more if you part your things in more sections in order to make this a lot more easy.

Remember, being organized is the key to the success of every possible activity that you do.

A Welcoming Hallway

Hallways often are areas that pick the clutter from all other rooms in your home. Start with the main desks or side tables if you have any, and take a tour through all the drawers there. Pick up all contents that you don’t use and toss them in the right basket you chose previously.

The most important thing for the hallway is to have certain space where you would leave your keys, maybe some pocket money, or phone and sticky notes for scribbling quick messages.

Make sure that everything you put on top of that table or desk is accessible. This will make leaving your home before you go out much easier for you and your loved ones.

Don’t  Leave Your Living Room Out of This

Living rooms are often the biggest and the most cluttered rooms in our homes. Maybe a ‘declutter your living room’-project would sound like a mission impossible, but one could never know unless he tries.

Since it is a room with lots of traffic and uses on a daily basis, you need to make sure to provide places that will offer a lot of storage.

Clean and sort all books in your home libraries, provide places where you could store the items that are frequently used, such as remote controls, magazines, mail or other electronics from your collection.

Remove everything that you don’t use or that belongs to any other room from your home.

What’s Cookin’ in the Goodlokin’ Kitchen?

We usually spend most of the time in our kitchens – eating, preparing loads of delicacies, or even just socializing with our family. So, it would be a real challenge to keep a clean kitchen every day. But, no matter how hard it can be, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to succeed in it.

Separate all items into zones. For example, plates and dishes for eating, others for preparing and cooking. Then, utensils, cutting boards, glassware, etc.

Try figuring out which items you mostly use and make them easily accessible to you. Being organized can really help you, especially in rooms that know to be a total chaos sometimes.

First of all, you will need to completely empty every inch of your kitchen and of course, to sort out all those items into the correct basket or to bring them back in use – this is only for the bare necessities. You just agreed on a ‘fresh start’, so try not making it a total chaos for once again!

Last but not least, after you clean the drawers and cupboards, put back all your needed items in their place.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the countertops as well. Try to move as many things as you can and keep only the things that you use every day.

Behind Closed Bedrooms

Rule number one: never ever leave a messy bed.

A nicely made bed can totally change the look of the room.

But, let’s start with the real deal. You can begin with the nightstands. Since they are just next to the bed, there often can be a total mess. Tidy them up and clear all unnecessary things, such as mail, bills, notebooks, sticky notes or notepads, accessories or whatever you’ll find that is not a bedroom-related item.

Do the same with your wardrobes, chests and working desks.

In the end, remember what people used to say:
An organized (bed)room means an organized life, doesn’t it?

The ‘Barely There’ Bathroom

Remove every single product that you don’t use, whether it is a shampoo that you left in your shower or a dirty towel in some of the drawers in your bath.

Put away all things that actually make the ‘crowd’ in there and start enjoying your literally minimalistic bath.

Besides clean towels, keep all your bare necessities nicely arranged in the cabinets and your bathroom would look cleaner and wider as well. And of course, you’ll avoid the mess and the stress about things you can’t find whenever you’re in a rush in the mornings.

Last but not least: Don’t overthink and just focus on the use of the items. Try to ask yourself questions as frequently as you can – ‘do I need this?’, ‘will I ever use this?’ and there is no doubt that you will make the right decision.

This would definitely help you during your ‘declutter marathon’ at your home.


Do you find it easy being organized? Would you like to share your decluttering tips and tricks with us?

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