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Decoration Ideas for Cozy Home for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of you might be looking for some very specific home décor ideas. Even though Valentine’s is a trademark non-holiday it is hard to come up with home décor ideas that are just the right balance of cheesy and loveable. Red may be the color of love, but too much of it in a small space can seem a bit too bold and suffocating – that is why you should never go overboard with the sparkly, mass-produced paraphernalia available in the market. Valentine’s Day home décor should be tasteful and restrained, with an emphasis on the ambiance, not the aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, we will be counting down a few ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day décor for a cozy home.

Mood Lighting

The best way to set up a ‘romantic’ ambiance is by creating the perfect mood lighting. A ‘mood’ lighting is a good way to convey the kind of atmosphere you want through adequate lighting techniques. Since we’re going for an ideal romantic situation, a dim environment with a bulk of creative fairy lighting would be the best way to go. Fairy lights may seem a like a juvenile attempt at décor, but Valentine’s Day is about letting go of all those inhibitions and letting in all that love.



Perhaps the very uniform of Valentine’s Day itself, the color red cannot be left out of the décor – though it should be used in moderation. Going full on heart-shaped paraphernalia and glittery candles all around the room can seem a bit over the top, so balance is the key here. You need to put the right decoration pieces – avoid the frills, please – in strategic spots around the room. This way, you can be subtle without being overbearing. A small mantle décor with the right Valentine Décor would be the ideal look.


If red is the color of love, then roses are the very definition of Valentine’s Day itself. But that does not mean that you get to go overboard with them. Flowers, like the decoration, need to be strategically placed in only the conspicuous corners of the room. A decadent little bouquet of your roses of preference as the centerpiece, however, would be the perfect complement to the home décor.


A requisite Valentine’s Day sanctuary for most, the bedroom is the endgame by the end of the night. So it is only right that it be properly decorated. The ideal Valentine’s décor for a bedroom should be minimal – please refrain from the literal bed of roses. A tiny bit of ornamentation in red and its accents would be ideal; like the bedroom below, with the cute red and white bedspread and silver star ornamentation.

The Dinner Table

The Valentine Day dinner is probably the highlight of your night, so it should also be the highlight of your home décor. A nicely decorated table would focus more on dexterity and less on froufrou accouterments. I’d suggest lighting a few candles to enhance the mood, setting up a few stems of roses in honor of St. Valentines and love, and voila – you’ll have the perfect little cozy and romantic nook for an ideal Valentines date.

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