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Design a room for a double function and save space

The home usually affects as an honest reflection of ourselves and our personalities as well. Homes draw much of their design from people’s needs and activities on a daily basis. It is a very clear concept of dividing certain activities into a couple of rooms. The kitchen is defined for everything that is somehow connected with preparing, serving and taking meals, the living room is an area of sociable character, the bedroom is indeed our sanctuary of rest and so on.

But what about when it comes to our bursty everyday life, with the dynamic lifestyle that we often have nowadays? We are witnessing the perpetual changes that are dictated by our way of life, so the multifunctional space is no longer an unknown phrase for us, especially when we are familiar with the fact that our homes have certain and limited spaces and we need to be practical in order to achieve functional living.

Here are 9 easy-peasy and useful tips that can help you when it comes to designing your perfect room for double use as can be the home office and a guest room in one:


1. Defining the room

The purpose of sharing the home office and the guest room is obvious – the number of people that work from home is constantly increasing and to be honest, most people rarely use their guest rooms. Guest rooms surely can give our homes a very welcoming character, but it’s certain that not every one of us has enough space for planning some extra rooms in our flats or houses.

So, given this fact, being practical and using the tricks of the smart design is the key to having supremely designed space that fulfills our needs. First of all, you need to find the most suitable space in your home, where you can put all the needed furniture to turn it into your practical home office and a possible guest room in a minute. Maybe there is an extra bedroom or a utility that is barely used, so it can become a double function room with no special effort.

2. Preparation and adaptation to use

For a fresh start, you need to prepare the chosen room properly for its newly implemented double nature activities. A clean break from all that unnecessary furniture pieces is more than welcome. Select the things you might need later, pick up the trash, clean the excess up and you’re well on your way to get your double function room done.

3. Developing the functional space

Before you start filling the space with furniture and accessories, just think for a minute about your activities and needs. You will certainly require splitting the existing space into several areas of use: a section for resting and sleeping, a storage section and last but not least is the working section.   This will certainly ease your work a lot, especially when it comes to choosing the right furniture and details for your home office and guest room design.

4. Making wishlists

Another great advice to avoid the impulsive buying of needles and unpractical furniture pieces is to make a wishlist for the things you require the most, right before you start purchasing. The wishlist will help you see what you really need to buy to make your imagined double room complete and it will surely save you loads of your raining money (and time).

5. Choosing the bare necessities

Right before you start buying the things you need for arranging the room, try to think about what exactly you really have to buy from all these stuff. To make your interior design of double-purpose room practical, you need to stick precisely to the activities that you’ll have to handle within the time of your stay.So, it’s more than obvious that you’ll need a reasonable desk with several drawers for putting away your papers and a comfortable chair to avoid back problems.  Another ‘must-have’ is a fitting bed that you will be using occasionally for your guests or maybe periodically for your own rest as well. These three furniture pieces are the basic essentials for the arrangement of this room. Any others that will be included in its design are just décor details for improving the environment and nothing more.

6. Choosing useful and efficient furniture

The capacity of the interior often requires morphing space into multifunctional areas and this doesn’t always mean that you will have to split the space evenly for each existing activity or function. Be spontaneous and things will look more naturally at the end of the designing process. In order to complete this task successfully, try thinking outside the box when it comes to picking up the bed and the type of the working desk.It is always better if you tend to be more rational when it comes to this choice.

If you require comfortable space while working on some big projects, you’ll probably be better to go for a minimal guest room by choosing a compact bed. And vice versa – if you don’t need too much space while doing your work, or you have guests more frequently, then feel free to bring a proper bed to comfort your guests. Choose wisely – cross your fingers and it’s more than certain that in the end, you will find your ideal furniture that will accomplish your design ideas.


7. Storage – the key to being practical

It’s always good to have some extra places in your home office and guest room for putting off things you don’t need at a right moment. Drawers under the bed are another drop in the bucket, especially in keeping blankets, pillows, and sheets for your beloved guests.

Cupboards or shelves for keeping your files safe and reachable at any time are more than another bright idea.Cut to the chase and always keep your desk organized to minimize the loss of time in the attempt of trying to find something necessary.

8. Mix & Match

Don’t stick strictly by the rules and don’t force yourself into keeping the minimalistic style if you aren’t very fond of it. Just follow your character and your own interests and all the finishing touches will be exactly as they need to be. Don’t be afraid of spicing the room up by adding some interesting and eye-catching details – they can revive your working corner in a New York minute!

Act very bravely with adding some colors up!Brighten your desks or nightstands with some remarkable vase filled with colorful flowers, put quite a few scented candles to help you bring the aromatic notes back to basics. Monochromatic designs look very clean but they can often bring us boredom and monotony and that is not quite the working or resting atmosphere we need.

Decorating the walls or the bedside with some art paintings could also do the work and soften the space.

9. Lightning and accessories

It’s a fact that light is the most valuable detail to all the interior designs and without it, space wouldn’t have that vibrant and vigorous tone. It is always a pleasure enjoying the perks of the sunlight and our level of happiness instantly boosts when we feel how sunlight gently kisses our face, especially during our daily working hours or while we’re trying to wake up after a good sleep.

You might want to keep your place comfortable with adding some extra lamps near the bedside and notably near your desk, to make your night shift working hours more pleasant.


These are our advice for double function room design. What inspiration have you got? Or if you just did something like this in your house, tell us how you’ve made it.

Share your thoughts in the comments to help others to have a cozy and functional house.

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