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Make your place “feel like home” by using shelves

Decorating can be more than just a design-tool that could help you finish your interiors successfully. Or a handy tool that gives them the needed finishing touches, so they could look complete in one’s eyes.

Details are the things that know how to catch someone’s eye and home décor is the key-point from all the finishing touches an interior can have – especially in getting the ‘job well-done’ comments.

It sounds silly – but it’s true that the types of décor you use for improving the environment in your home, symbolize your own personalities. Everything we pick – whether it is a particular style for designing our place, or just décor details – is somehow a total reflection of ourselves.

Shelves are the most common ‘furniture’ piece used among households all over the world. Besides their practical use – you have to admit that with a little help from your imagination, shelves can really be decorative. They could become corners that represent your preferences, your hobbies and interests – or even places that can ‘discuss’ about your favorite flavors.

So, the question of the day is – how to decorate your home using shelves? How could one easily create cozy corners, or even leave personal imprints in every room of the home?

The answer is very easy and subjective, but it lies hidden – as usual – somewhere in between the following lines.


Why Shelves?

Installing shelves in your home can be a great long-term investment. It is the best way to keep yourself and your things organized, or to constantly keep the order in your storage capacities as well.

Also, shelves can be functional and very eye-pleasing corners from the room. The reason for this ‘eye-pleasing’ phenomenon lies in the trick where you need to combine all your accessories and collectibles in triads, or as known as – visual triangles.
This would be really helpful – the observer’s eyes wouldn’t just wander constantly up and down the shelves – so the things that are already put on the shelves would make sense and wouldn’t disturb people’s eyesight or attention.


Types of Shelving

There are several different types of shelving – so each of you could easily pick the one that would be most suitable – depending on its design, construction and of course – the chosen décor style for the room or even the home.

The most common shelving types are:

– Fixed bracket type shelving systems
– Built-in shelving systems
– Floating shelving systems
– Corner shelving systems
– Top hung storage shelving systems
– Free standing shelving systems

Which one of them you’ll pick depends on you and your personal needs or preferences as well.

If you are still somewhere in between – wondering which shelving type would be the best pick for you – then you should think more about the room or the space that needs to be ‘spiced’ with some brand new shelves.
Start anlaysing the composition of the space and try to find answer to the following question: are there any ‘plain’ walls that currently have no decoration at all?

So, defining all the surfaces that would need some decoration is the starting point of your (DIY) shelving project.


Storage Needs

Besides their ability of an instant visual-improvement to the interior, shelves are also some great storage ‘cells’. As I mentioned before – they seem just the same as the museum depots. But instead of artifacts from our ancestors, we can put there things that are close to ourselves or things that make our hearts melt like ice-cream in a regular summer day!

The needed storage capacity depends on the room you would like to redecorate.

For starters – and right after you figured out which room needs to get the new shelves – you should define which accessories would you need most. This question would really give you all the needed answers about the further decoration that needs to be included here between the shelves.

For example, if the chosen room for decorating is the bathroom – then it should already sound familiar to you that couple of shelves for keeping only the ‘bare necessities’ like a  toothbrush holder, the soap and the other hygiene items would be a must.
Not to mention the fact that women need more space for keeping their beauty products right at reach – so, always keep in mind to install one more shelve as an extra – in any case.


Style Trends

The trends in interior designing often last too short  and the continuous changes in décor aren’t much of an option. Our budgets are often limited, so when it comes to home décor as a matter of issue – you really shouldn’t spent all your rainy-days money on something that will fade after a short period of time.

Current trends tend to fade away within every season. So, you just need to focus on more important things – never forget that it is always better to invest in quality not quantity.

The passing 2017 would be remembered for the often use of the minimalist style – yet minimalism isn’t just a style, but also represents a way of life. The perk of decorating your place with minimalist décor is that everything that you own would be at your reach every time you need something. Minimalism is practical, looks ‘clean’ and it can really help you with keeping all the things in order.


Decorating the Shelving

When all the shelves are already installed, the most interesting and entertaining part that follows is the process of their own decoration.

This is maybe the most easiest part from all – it’s the very last thing you need to do and then you can start enjoying your new and attractive view that your room can provide with the implementation of this creative and practical corner.

You just need to sort the things to priority or frequency of use and keep an eye of the sharp or dangerous tools – especially if you are decorating your kitchen shelves.


Which type from all the shelving systems you prefer for your homes? Which one you like the most? Do you have some experience in installing shelves by yourself?

Please feel free to share all your past experiences that somehow incude DIY shelving projects in them.

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