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Fun With Rugs

Rugs are amazing details that know how to add just the exact finishing tone to the interior they’re implemented in. They surely can transform the place, by adding some dimension, warmth, color, texture, and style.

A well-chosen rug is like an equal to a well-chosen make-up shade for your face, or even a perfect detail to accentuate your outfit. This is the reason why it is very important to choose your details wisely, in order to create an astonishing combo with the existing interior design.

But the good thing is that nowadays, you can choose between hundreds and hundreds of different types of rugs.

So – brace yourselves, there are a bunch of ‘rugs 101’ paragraphs coming!

Rugs – Connecting Spaces

Besides décor, rugs can be a very practical thing and it depends where or why your rug is placed in that certain position.

For example, hallway runners accentuate the hallways or the entrance of the home. They connect two (or even more) rooms and the orientation with the walking line becomes clearer.

Overall, rugs are the perfect detail to accentuate a certain space. They can easily unify whole areas by creating a visual connection between rooms.

Visual Perception

Rugs can easily bring back to life all those places that have the tendency to be marked as ‘dead’ zones.

Hallways, empty corners of every room, or even stairs! Rugs create visual pathways and this makes everything easier with orientation through one’s home.

Through the years, man has become a very visual creature and vivid colors are always a ‘bullseye’ when someone wants to turn all the attention from one point from the room to another.

You can always have fun trying out rugs with different patterns. Start with neutrals, or even with your favorite color and continue to mix&match until you find the perfect fit.

Discovering (Life)Styles

Interior design is all about combining different styles and accommodating them to your personal preferences. When in doubt, always start choosing from styles that are pretty close to your own lifestyle.

This way, no matter which choice you will make in the end, you could never go wrong when you tend to ‘follow your heart’.

Feel free to layer a couple of rugs one next to another. Especially, if the place that you’re redecorating is with an open plan and you have issues with finding a large rug that would cover a certain area.

Layering can be really fun!

Creating Borders

Trends and modern interior designs usually embrace the ‘open plan’ spaces and we can agree that they all look catchy. But let’s face the fact – all furniture looks lost inside.

And here we go – rugs to the rescue! Use rugs to define smaller areas and to separate several functional zones from all that bunch of space. They are really great at anchoring furniture or zoning off spaces.

So, in order to prevent the ‘floating island’ effect in your own living room for example, always tend to choose wider rugs. This way, the whole space would be utilized and it would surely look and feel more compact.

Remember, the perfect rug for the living room should cover a wider area from the whole zone around the furniture.

The Color Injection

Most of the rooms in our homes have a very wide palette of used colors. But still, there are many rooms that are usually more neutral and even monotonous.

Bathrooms and utilities are one of the ‘neutrals’ in most of the homes, so in order to drain the maximum of these rooms, one needs to act wisely with the used colors.

Nobody wants their own bathroom to look like a sterile white box, so maybe spicing things up with some exotic and vivid colors isn’t such a bad idea.

Adding a rug would definitely give a whole new dimension to the room. And since they bring warmth to the place, all patterns, and used textures are more than welcome.

And let’s not forget the practical side: bathrooms and utilities often have tile floorings, so besides the decorative role, a rug would be a very comfortable underfoot as well.

A Rug’s Worst Nightmare

Liquids are probably the most common threat for the rugs. Some of them, especially those which contain sugar, can be quite dangerous for some of the materials that rugs are made from.

Yet spills are an everyday issue and they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In case of a spill, always work your magic as fast as you can.

Use a clean wet towel and blot all the liquid that is visible to you. And don’t stop there, because the sugar from your spilled juice would surely stay deep in your rug and it needs to be properly cleaned.

For a change, try not to use any chemical detergents. It is a fact that the classic cleansers can be very aggressive for some of the materials and other could affect discoloration or even fading of the main colors of your rug.

So, maybe it would be better if you look up for another, more natural way to get rid of the ugly spills.

Using DIY-cleansers made from scratch sometimes could save your life. And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend much money for these detergents because believe it or not – you already have all those ingredients in your kitchen.

One of the many detergents that could save your rug is this DIY ‘tonic’.

Тry mixing same amounts of some tap water and white vinegar (1:1) and put this juice in a spray bottle. Always shake well before use and spray all over the damaged surface.

When using towels and sponges, always keep in your mind that all you need to do is just to blot. And try to avoid rubbing around the stain because this can cause some serious damages to the rug. In the end, rubbing speeds up the absorption process and you would just help the stain to get deeper and deeper into the structure of your rug.

It’s hard to avoid using rugs as floorings in your favorite and most used rooms, but try places that need décor and at the same time, don’t receive a lot of foot traffic.

Keep calm and buy a new rug! Feel free to share your rug-maintenance tipsyou’re your favorite stores for buying rugs as well.

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