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Here 7 romantic ideas to decorate your home for a cozy Valentine’s Day

Once again, Valentine’s Day approaches! We want nothing more than to spend the day with our significant other and showing them how much we love and care for him or her. Now, what could be the best way to build up the romance for you and your partner? Nothing can be better than to decorate your home with a romantic theme to set the mood just right.

Here 7 romantic ideas to decorate your home for a cozy Valentine’s Day:

1. Fresh Roses

Roses are number one on the list because it is synonymous with love. Red roses best symbolize romantic love and there are a lot of rose-themed products on the market. To make sure your home stays classy and not overwhelmed, choose fresh cut roses. For the colors, pick traditional red or try using your partner’s favorite color to keep things personalized.

2. Floral Prints

Don’t be afraid to use florals in your romantic theme. To make picking the right floral print easier, choose a print that best reflects your relationship’s personality. Bright colors with a watercolor print suggest a relationship full of playfulness, deeper colors with a vintage print suggest the sexier side of your relationship, while simple monochromatic florals with solid outlines suggest a classic or constant connection.

3. Luxe Textures

Bringing on the romance also involves a tactile experience! Think of sensual satins and lush velvets when choosing your fabrics and textiles. Delicate and sheer cotton also works to elevate your space from earthly to heavenly. You and your partner will surely appreciate these textures plus they add visual appeal to space as well.

4. Fragrance

There are plenty of fragrances to set the mood for romance such as rose, vanilla, bergamot and musk which are classics. Might we suggest the form they will come in? Candles, beautifully scented and crafted, strategically placed to highlight and fragrance your living space will make for a delightfully cozy ambiance. The soft lighting these create are visually pleasing and comforting.

5. Lighting

Candles are not enough to illuminate your entire home, of course. However, it is best to choose a lighting setting with a soft and warm temperature to better draw out the colors from your décor and yet invite a relaxed and alluring mood. Lamps do these better than overhead general lighting fixtures so get yourself a sweet new piece or simply relocate an old favorite to a suitable new area in your home.

6. Rearrange your Space

Your normal living arrangement can be convenient for your routine, however, it may or may not promote an intimate setting now. By rearranging your space so your movements around your space lead you and your partner closer to one another is easier than it seems. Try simply moving your seating furniture closer together in a corner or by a window to create a little private space for you and your lover or setting an intimate table for two at dinner. Make sure you arrange it in such a way that you are always either side by side or better, face to face.

7. Accessorize

The cheapest way to decorate your space is through accessories. It also makes it better to personalize! Print photos of you and your partner enjoying special occasions or traveling to your favorite places. These experiences are surely unique to you and only you! Arrange your photos where you will like be enjoying sharing them such as in the living room or dining room. Candid photos of your wedding or first date, travel dates and relationship milestones all work to bring up sweet memories. Include mementos of these moments such as a jar of sand from your favorite beach or the wine bottle from your first date in your display.

Now, you can enjoy this Valentine’s Season with confidence that when you go home, you will have a cozy space to enjoy with your partner. Whether you just got home from a date or just got off work, your new décor will set the tone for a romantic evening.

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