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Home Libraries at Their Finest

Although we’re deep into the digital era, where even newspapers have their own online versions, reading never goes out of style. And we must admit that it’s pretty true that nothing could ever be able to compare to the feeling of holding a good book in your own hands, so, summer is the perfect time of the year to reunite with the good old friends – books.

In general, we’re all familiar with libraries and their concept. The public libraries give us the picture of a wide, light and splendid spaces that contain loads of shelves, and on the contrary, home libraries are more compact and intimate rooms or spaces of one (or a couple of) rooms.

Let’s see which styles and types of libraries are back in the game for this summer.

In the Name of Modern

The good thing when we’re following modern trends is that we could never pick a ‘wrong’ place to develop our own home library. Even though libraries are more than just a decoration, the main thing with them is the mood they are able to set in the chosen room.

Libraries can be formal and classy or elegant. But sometimes, even a colorful mess could do the thing. Especially if we choose a focal point with which a special place becomes accentuated in a subtle way.

The most common examples are libraries near a fireplace. This is a great thing to gather up the whole family and have an amazing time together, enjoying favorite books and discuss them, or change reading experiences with various authors.

The Chronicles of Wood

Even though minimalism has become a way of life through the past couple of years, and materials like stone, marble, and metal have taken over the design in the whole world, wood and decorating with wood in general never gets old.

The good thing with bookshelves made out of wood is that besides they can be pretty mobile, they are also a great solution for a built-in wall in cases when you need to separate larger room in smaller partitions.

A smart choice that never goes out of style – wood indeed remains evergreen in the area of interior design.

The Double Duty Library

We live in the era of smart design, so thinking wise and planning your interior in a smart way really is a must nowadays.

Not all of us have enough space at home to develop it in a separate library with a place for reading, and the struggle with the lack of space can be really disturbing. So, the double duty rooms now seem like a great idea and at the same time – a very practical solution for this common issue.

The good side of this is that all rooms are included here. Because of their nature, libraries are things that can be easily implemented in nearly every room in our home.

Whether is the bedroom, dining room or maybe the ‘cliché’ libraries in the living room, we must admit that these double-duty rooms can look kind of sympathetic. Having dinner and enjoying the view of the books can be a relaxing thing either way.

The Library With a View

Making frames of a given space is quite an art nowadays. In order to pick the right position for a certain piece, one has to be aware of many following things and the view is one of them.

Besides lighting and intimacy, the positioning takes a great role in setting the final mood of the room. Books are often related to nature, open spaces where the reader can enjoy in his/her own freedom, so the good view is an inevitable thing.

Placing a reading corner near to a window or a balcony can be great for a change. And if there isn’t any place for this kind of corner, even a classic library placed around a space that is open to the outdoor could do the trick.

It’s worth the try!

Dissecting Space

Sometimes the actual floor plan of the house or the flat has its own flaws and some of the rooms could have had their better days if they were properly developed or reorganized.

But, not every wall needs to be demolished and pushed down. This could be easily done by putting a little quality ‘make up’.

Just choose a certain position, take measures and start planning your brand new library.

These days, the Internet is really loaded with tons of ideas on this particular topic so you won’t have any difficulties in finding your perfect library in the role of a wall that separates two different rooms.

It would be a great thing to separate the living room from the dining area, the kitchen from the dining area, or the working corner from your bedroom as well.

Making Statement Pieces

Libraries are not only for readers. They can be stuffed or decorated with all different kind of things that we love, and books are just one of the many common options that we have during this process.

Libraries can be a statement piece that accentuates or decorates the whole room or space. Nowadays, it is quite easy to develop a statement piece from nearly every décor.

The process is simple. We just need to choose the room which we want to improve with some small decoration items, the position, and the material of the item (in this case, the library).

The parts that follow this choice are a lot easier than they actually sound.

When we finally have the piece in our hands, the decoration process becomes a true joy, especially for all those who adore DIY-projects.

The things we add to the shelves tell a lot about us, so expressing ourselves through arts & crafts couldn’t be easier. And since we all like different things, it would be such a great experience to see urban libraries that contain other personal things from our everyday life.

Favorite magazines, ornaments, pieces made literally from scratch, journals and many many more. The choice is yours!

Do you have a library in your home? Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic.


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