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How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Holidays are finally over and we had such a wonderful time this holiday season, didn’t we?
The company of our beloved ones is the crucial thing that makes our surrounding cheerful, warm and cozy. And we surely will bear these year’s memories, deeply buried in our hearts until the next Christmas holidays.

And now, spring is lurking around the corner and (obviously) waits the right moment to bloom. It’s the perfect timing for a fresh start!

There isn’t a single reason why shouldn’t we start this year’s spring with a completely refreshed surroundings, especially when it comes to our homes, where all of us spend parts of our spare time on a daily basis.

Let’s make a virtual tour through all of the rooms that are mostly used and present in nearly all of our homes and let’s bring on some this spring’s trendy ‘musts’ for a fresh, new start in our interiors as well.

How Can This Be Done

To maintain a properly healthy home goes way beyond regular dusting and vacuuming once or twice a week.

But when all the work is already done, there’s no harm in scratching beyond the surface and diving into the decoration process. It’s a well-known fact that the décor can actually ‘save the day’. So, don’t try to avoid it because the well-chosen décor can really make a difference. It’s able to change the character of a given place in seconds.

And let’s finally say out loud those couple of words that lie buried deep in our hearts: The decorating process is the most enjoyable part of the home renovation ‘treatment’.

Don’t avoid it – make it fun and enjoy it!

The Blossoming Blooms

There’s no doubt that the kitchen was the most frequently used room in every home, especially during the holiday season. Baking and preparing those cuisine delights – it really takes some intense use of the kitchen and its surroundings.

In case you’re still wondering how to instantly refresh the looks of your kitchen after the detail post-holiday cleansing, you’d be shocked how simple the answer is.

Add flowers. Lots and loads of flowers.

Even a single bouquet placed on a surface, table or a wall can work its magic in a minute. Besides the decorative part, flowers add a note of life to the room they’re placed in. And the good thing is that there are so many different types of flowers, so your choices would be endless.

Choose between greenery, just like succulents, cactus, bushy decorative flowers that can be placed anywhere in your home. They surely will enrich and accentuate the chosen corner, and most of all – the ‘steal-a-glance’ is guaranteed.

Green is Always IN

Green is a true evergreen in the area of interior design. Whether is a piece of furniture or a décor, there is no doubt that green color is an absolute bulls eye. Feel free to treat your home with a lovely hint of the green delight.

Just be careful in case you’re planning to add some green furniture and try not to exaggerate. Too much green can add a dull effect to the room, so try to mix it with contrasts or other vivid colors.

This will add brightness and dimension.

When it comes to décor, keep in mind that you can always make your very own small green terrarium that could easily fit on a tabletop. These terrariums not only that are a great DIY-project, but they are able to refresh the corner of the room instantly. You can play with textures and colors and add different types of miniature plants to complete your own fresh spring display.

A (Very) Common Pattern Play

Every single time when you don’t have an idea what to do with a given room that isn’t exposed as much as the living room or the kitchen and the dining room, then dare to play with patterns.

Whether is a bedroom, children or a guest room, you could never go wrong with mixing couple of different patterns.

Don’t stick to the usual ones – think outside the box and try to mix not only patterns (floral, plaid, polka dot, twill, etc.) but even textures and various materials.

It would surely be a catch!

A Brand New Start With Some Fresh Frames

Enrich and revitalize quickly a plain wall by adding some old picture frames painted in vivid colors.

DIY projects really had a kick off recently and sites like WeHeartIt and Pinterest are full of makeover examples that are low-budget and classy at the same time.

To make your own ‘gallery wall’, you’ll just need a bunch of older picture frames that you don’t or rarely use and colorful sprays that can be found anywhere in local stores. Choose your favorite colors, or pastels (one can never go wrong using pastel colors in interior design), or just scroll around those sites we mentioned before and try to find a source of inspiration that will help you to explain yourself through art better.

Framing is optional – feel free to leave just the frames on a chosen wall in your hallway, or home office, guest room, etc. You can also frame your own artworks, or your children’s. The options are never ending, for sure.

Round & Round

Shapes are able to do wonders, literally. Circle is the most frequently used shape in interior planning and designing.

Round shaped frames or rosettes are totally IN if you’re aiming to follow this year’s latest trends. Circles are back on track and buying a rosette is a must on this spring’s checklist for the home redecorating.

Rosettes are really lightweight and a bonus fact – they’re very easy to hang. The visual effect they have is one more bonus you’ll get if you buy one (or a dozen) to hang on a wall in your home.

Pastels are Reborn

It is a well-known fact that pastels are the latest trend in every sphere, including the interior design area.

This spring, it’s all about pastels! So, why not repaint a wall from the bedroom in lavender tone, or add some pastel-yellow cushions on the sofa in the living room?

Pastels give a casual but classy layout to the space. Your place would literally sing ‘spring’ with all those juicy colors. You could mix similar or contrast tones, making the ‘color-blocking’ effect. It’s up to you!

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