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Indoor Decorating With Plants

Summer is already here, so any new, quick and easy decorating updates that give us the image of a ‘long, hot summer’ are more than welcome.

Not only that plants can add color, shape, and décor, but they literally can give life to the whole space.

Yes, indeed. Plants are the only thing that allows your house to transform into a lovely home and there are many different ways on how to use them in order to complete a certain design look.

If you are keen on collecting or even taking care of specific plants, then keep reading because the best is yet to come.

Being green has never been easier!

Creating Borders

It surely is a fact that plants nowadays can be used in many different ways. They have already become an artwork for the modern interior designs.

Since nearly all of us are looking forward to learning new tricks for indoor decorating with plants, the first thing that we can recommend surely is to think outside the box.

Plants are no more just an ordinary item to decorate your living room.

Plants are a statement piece, a shelf or even a wall that divides larger rooms into smaller sections. Such a perfect tip to use in cases when you want to separate your dining area from the living room.

A total must try for this summer!

Statement Replacement

If you prefer minimalistic style, this tip might be IT. For all those who want to add a decent décor that can accentuate a certain place of the room or home, feel free to use plants as statement pieces.

One could be enough and two or even more wouldn’t make a crowd at all!

Add some drama, using a large developed indoor plant, or the famous sansevieria, and place the plant in a room corner that can’t be used.

No space from our home needs to be wasted, so why don’t we do our best in decorating our home wise, so there wouldn’t be an empty space that can’t be used.

True plant lovers could really produce a real artwork from their collection of indoor plants.

If you are a proud plant owner that has various types of plants, we’ve got big news for you – group the plants and make your own living sculpture!

This can look very attractive if you have some plants that are spilling out from their containers. At the same time, this is the easiest way to add some rustic and romantic tones to your interior.

It is (totally) worth the try!

Wall to Wall

Decorating with plants sometimes can be such a challenge.

Make your own ‘indoor jungle’ using plants placed on bookshelves. Sounds fun, huh? Creating your home library using plants instead of books.

Not that we have something against books (read long and prosper), but sometimes it’s good to accept new trends in order to brighten up your home.

Feel free to use a different kind of plants. There is no need of placing them in some specific order – just be spontaneous and try experimenting with different versions, until you find ‘the one’.

This way you could create some kind of your own indoor mini-garden and it would look great with both medium or smaller plants.

A perfect timing to start collecting succulents and cactuses for completing your new avant-garde ‘library’.

A Hanging Beauty

Struggling with a lack of space can be such a frustration for those who love taking care of plants or those who enjoy having something green somewhere around their sight.

There is no need of avoiding plants, especially not if the reason for this is just the lack of space. There is always a solution for every design issue. You just have to think and act smart.

So, if you can’t place them, just hang them!

Hanging plants give just the exact dose of vintage that a home needs.

Table Centerpieces

The organized table or desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, isn’t it?

But let’s get real; organizing our desks and tables can give us such a hard time sometimes.

Spicing Up the Corners

Corners – impossible to avoid and to decorate as well. Shouldn’t we all agree on this?

Corners are people’s worst nightmare when it comes to decorating them or even transforming them into more visually acceptable corners for ourselves to enjoy.

There is nothing that a single plant couldn’t solve. Even a boring, lonely corner looks all brighten up when you put some plants there.

So, don’t hesitate and start choosing which plant would be the best choice for the corner you want to redecorate in your own way.

Feel free to choose even a group of plants that have mixed sizing. You could play with scales and order them chronologically, starting with the biggest or the smallest one. And that’s not all! This can be done by placing them randomly, creating your own layouts.

Plants are such an evergreen in the area of home décor and home improvement.

They have the ability to transform the empty space with so many fantastic colors, shapes, and textures. The good thing about using them as a home décor is that here, size doesn’t matter at all.

So, if you have smaller places that need an instant boost, don’t overthink and choose plants instead of some other ‘fancy’ statement details.

Do you have some favorite plants and which decorating tips you apply when you decorate your home?

Feel free to share your answers.

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