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Inspiration from nature – or which texture to use in interior decoration for a cozy look

Nature has always been an inspiration to people. Especially if we need a piece of it in our home. When I say – the piece of nature – I mean materials and textures we use in interior decoration that comes from our beautiful and generous Mother Nature.

The decoration is not just about fixtures, furniture, lamps, and vases. It is not just about colors, as well. An important place in interior decoration belongs to textures. And when we are designing a warm and comfortable space, the first inspiration is of natural materials and their textures. Because what is cozier than real wooden surface under your fingers? Or linen sheets to sleep in until noon? Those sunny mornings you get out from a bed and put your feet on the bamboo floor? Or reading a book in your cozy corner snuggled in a fuzzy wool blanket?

Getting to know texture from nature


Talking about wood is very general. There are too many kinds of wood. The most common in interior decoration use are oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and pine. There are some tropical species, like mahogany, ebony, olive, rosewood etc.

Every type has a different color. Texture depends on the final treatment of the material. If we need a rustic look, we will use matte varnish, or we won’t use varnish at all.


This natural material can be used in various ways. One way is the stone wall covering. It can be done as small stone brick covering, or as bigger pieces of stone arranged together. Stone can be used in making fireplaces. If we decide to build a stone fireplace in our home, we acquire a great combination of natural elements – stone and fire.


This is a material with unique texture. There are few types of metal that can be used in interior decoration, such as copper, brass, bronze or iron. Every type has a different purpose, but as we are speaking of cozy interior decor, we can imagine brass coffee table legs or bronze ornaments. Metal is mostly used for details.

Home textile

Without textile, we can’t imagine a comfy interior. Every natural material has a specific texture. I feel chills when I think about it! Wool, cotton, linen, silk… All of these textiles are so comfortable! With the particular finish, these materials have a special charm to give our home a warm look.

All of these materials are nowadays available as artificial. It is most probably less expensive, and it is eco-friendly in most cases.

Seduced by nature

All the earlier said textures combined together are giving us a cozy and warm atmosphere. We only have to know how to balance them. But if we take a look at nature, we will get an idea right away. Nature has its own way to assign textures to objects. A tree on the North side of the forest will grow a moss, and the other sides won’t. A stone lying in the water spring will have a different texture from the stone that lays in the field. Nature always finds a way to impress us.

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