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While waiting for the program to complete the 3D render for one of the current projects, I want to share with you the story of one (in a series) of successfully implemented interior design projects.

As you have seen in the title, the text is about designing a law office.

Specifically, the client contacted me in order to design his new, future office space so that everything was aligned, connected in its entirety and “packed”.

This project was in a certain way a challenge since space is only 12 square meters big and there is no daylight. It should have been designed to make it pleasant to work, to be functional and, above all, a serious character (for its own purposes).

The client had in mind the darker tones, as well as the existing, comfortable office chair that he wanted to bring into the new work space.

Initially, I had a certain fear because of dark tones in a small space, which, as I mentioned, there is no source of natural light, and I explained to the client that I will make two conceptual solutions, one in the brighter variant, and the other in the desired, darker one. The reason why this space does not have a source of daylight from the outside is that the building in which the office is located leans the neighborhood newly built building, and there is as much space as is necessary for the air flow between them, so that there is no exceptional view through the windows, and we had to “mask” it with some kind of curtain.

When I saw the “flaws”, I noticed that the room also offers some pluses.

In this room, a laminate floor is recently installed, which does not need to be covered, and the walls did not require excessive preparation other than swaths so that they could be painted and in order to put a wallpaper on one wall.

I forgot to mention that the deadline for realization was two weeks đŸ™‚

As the base of my studio is located in one city, and my clients are from all over the country, through each project I develop and expand my network of associates in the field of interior work.

On this occasion, I included the local companies near the client’s office.

Of the proposed conceptual solutions, the client was more inclined to the darker variant, and due to the short deadline, many elements had to be changed.

This is, among other things, one of the reasons why I love to do this job. I like this process, how from one idea, through the wishes and demands of the client, the interior is undergoing a transformation, and all through this process we grow and learn, and the result is the satisfaction of all parties and, of course, a successful project.

Thus, due to the long delivery deadlines in the furniture showrooms, and with the New Year’s holidays that have spun and interwoven with this project, we changed the concept from the classical into a little more modern and accessible.

Namely, when the client decided on a darker variant, which included two Chesterfield black leather armchairs, as well as imported office furniture of fine lines, was deliberately designed, we should have been count on the deadlines. So, we coordinated the project and the real situation and came to (perhaps even better) solutions.

This way, the client had the opportunity to see, instead of just rendering, live pieces of furniture and other elements that will fill the space and, with my navigation as a designer, will gain a true insight into what he likes and shape the taste for that space. From there everything went pretty smoothly.

The project was implemented within two weeks. The client is overwhelmed. I have gained new associates and skills, as well as perception and confirmation that everything can be done when the will is sufficient and strong.

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