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Introducing Aromatherapy to Your Home

We live in a world which is pretty full of stressful moments that can really affect our mood on a daily basis.

It is more than clear that sometimes, every one of us needs a temporary time-out, so why don’t we try to simplify our way of thinking and adapt our interiors to correlate with us and our needs in a way where they would become our mood boosters on a rainy day.

Aromatherapy is nothing new. It is a tradition that has been with us around the years through history and it supports harmony, calmness, balance, and modesty as a way of life.

And since all of us have their struggles through the day to remain calm and relaxed, it would be nice to share some tips and tricks on this eye-catching topic.

Aromatherapy For Rise & Shine

The human mind is primarily developed to function and orientate with a little help from the senses. The sense of smell is maybe the most powerful sense that we own. We assume that you’re familiar with many of the fun or interesting facts relates to the sense of smell, but did you know that this sense creates an emotional response?

Yes, now you know it. One could truly create a whole emotional response using this sense. This also means that manipulating your mind with a scent, you could set your own mood or energy in a chosen room.

So, whether you need a morning boost to stay awake and survive the morning with a cup of coffee that has a fantastic smell, or you need a relaxing lavender smell to help you loosen up before you fall asleep – aromatherapy is always here for you.

Aromatherapy now sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

Evoking (Sensual) Feelings

Once in a while, every one of us likes to awake all those sensual moods in ourselves. Candles, especially candlelight is maybe one of the best things that can actually bring the seasonal feel to your place.

Set your table, prepare dinner for two or enjoy the candlelight with your beloved ones. Or pick your favorite book, pour a glass of wine and cheer yourself up in the company of aromatic candles lit next to you on a coffee table in your living room, or a nightstand in your bedroom.

There are plenty of possibilities for how to use candles in order to relax and restart your mind. You just have to be creative and choose your favorite one.

Close Your Eyes and Just Relax…Essential oils are probably mostly used mood boosters around the world these days.

It is magical how a dozen little drops could do literally wonders to your senses. And since essential oils can be found in every store, this option is both an easy and affordable way of maintaining a proper atmosphere to your home.

Just pick your favorite smell. Choose between: rose, lavender, marjoram, chamomile, mint, cinnamon, berries, rosewood, sandalwood, geranium, amber, ylang-ylang, and many, many more.


This technique of energizing your home is literally ancient and it is such a joy that the last couple of years it strikes back again, so we can properly enjoy in its perks again like once our ancestors did.

As we mentioned before, oil-burners are a quick way to fill and enrich your place with some amazing scents. In order to spread, the oil needs to be heated up by a candle placed underneath the plate where the essential oil is already poured in.

So, we come to a conclusion that you will just need an essential oil (you can choose whichever smell you prefer most), a plate and a candle. And guess what? This could be a great DIY-project as well.

So, instead of spending money on professional oil-burners, you could use your own fantasy and imagination and create an oil-burner that relates to your interior style the most.

Reed Diffusers

Artificial fragrances aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. If you’re one of those who prefer more conventional methods of enjoying in aromatherapy, this might be it for you.

Reed diffusers may be a bit pricey, but believe it or not, they can be the real deal for you, if you’re fond of them.

To prepare your own reed diffuser at your home, you’ll just need a couple of things. First of all, find a glass container that has a narrow opening at the top. Next, you need to choose your favorite essential oil, and it is important to avoid oils based on petroleum because these aren’t oils, but odored petroleum.

Always remember to read the ingredient list placed on the back of every product you use, because it is important to choose the right products that aren’t harmful to your health, in order to enjoy your activities like aromatherapy properly.

It is important to create a base for your oil. You can use an oil base, or make a water base and add a little vodka to it. Just try to remember that the base oil or mixture should be around 70% and the essential oil only to 30%.

This approximately means that 12-15 drops of essential oil would be enough to about 1/4 of water. The amount of vodka that needs to be poured is modest.

And that’s all folks!

You can find reeds of bamboo skewers online or in certain stores, and place their ends deep into the mixture of oils.

This way, the reeds will be able to saturate and to spread the smell around the place.

Just remember to rotate the ends from time to time, in order to refresh the intensity of the smell. Once a week seems legit.

And finally, keep your own reed diffuser safe from kids and pets and enjoy your everyday activities in a room full of bloom!

Are you familiar with the benefits of aromatherapy? Do you have a particular smell or essential oil that you prefer? Do you think that aromatherapy helps in relaxing our mind and body?

Feel free to share your own tips and tricks that help you relax on a daily basis.


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