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Simple tips for Improving the Exterior of Your House

‘The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back’ – a quote by Wendy Wunder

Yes, we’re all familiar with this kind of quotes that circulate around the Internet these days – and we couldn’t agree more that ‘home is where your heart is’.

But the most intriguing and at the same interesting thing is the fact that we, the human beings, are totally mesmerized by the visual effects of the world that ‘collides’ around us and a home could easily become ‘your worst nightmare before Christmas’ if it isn’t as visually pleasing as it should be. Or as it is expected to be.

Current trends aren’t that reliable guides – since they’re wearing out as quickly as the water flows – so, when you’re thinking about the ways of improving your front yard, you can always stick to some classic, unified and general principles of design that could just never become ‘démodé’.


Main Door At Its Best

Have you ever thought about the look of the main entrance to your house? – Well, next time you really should. The tiny gap that is closed up with some randomly – but still stylish – chosen door can tell what’s inside more than you could imagine.

The entrance including the front door isn’t a place where we spend very long time or so, but keep in mind that it’s the very first thing of your house that your guests would see. So, it needs to be respectable and decorated properly, in order to become an attractive starting point for the future guests and visitors that may come to your home.

The main door could become more attractive if there’s a subtle lightning that could accentuate the entrance-area at night or during the winter period of the year when the weather knows to be a little tricky sometimes with all the fog and the massive clouds that disable the light to stumble between them.

Greenery and pot-plants are always welcomed and recommended as an option – especially when we are familiar how greenery improves the environment.


Bright Lights,  Warming  Welcome

Lights and lightning, in general, can accentuate not even the entrance of the home – but the whole exterior of the house as well.

You should really think more about investing in some noble lightning that would give a welcoming tone to the whole surrounding of the house.

Nowadays, there are plenty of different types of lightning and the motion-sensored ones are the most energy efficient choice from all.

Defining Your Path

The most important thing that makes the picture of the exterior complete surely is defining and separating the main access – for people or either vehicle – from the whole front yard.

This can be easily done, using more of your imagination and less of your worries. The entrance has to be representative and needs to have a dominant composition. You could use various materials – the list is as long as Rapunzel’s hair. Stone is the most common material for defining the main trajectory, but keep in mind that design and décor need to be included nearly everywhere – yes, even an ordinary path needs to be designed and dimensioned properly, in correlation with the preferences and the needs of the users. It sounds terrifying, but it’s an easy task for true enthusiasts. 

It looks really sophisticated when the walkway is defined with greenery – depends on the house plan, but plants and greenery are preferable from both sides of the path. This way you’ll keep the attention and the focus of your visitors straight to the main door, and their eyes won’t be wandering around the ‘blank’ space.

Gardening Can Be Fun

The front yard is the second key-point that should be always on point. There’s something very pleasing and very relaxing in a picture where the yard looks like it was cropped from a magazine – you’d instantly want to sit there on the perfectly lawned garden, enjoying the sunset or just the magnificent, green panorama around you.

You could also turn your yard into a small garden, where you could spend your free time or enjoy your hobbies.

If you’re keen on gardening – this should be a piece of cake for you!

The most important part of decorating the yard is to make separate zones with their own functions.

For example, choose certain points, areas or lines where you would plant some trees. Tall trees are a great and handy tool that works as a barrier. They would help you to isolate your house and yard from the noise that would eventually come from neighbors and surely – trees would make your yard more private than usual – they act like a curtain that hides you from the neighborhood’s ‘eyes’.

Next thing you need to do in order to improve your garden and your yard is to plant more flowers.

Flowers in bloom create breathtaking landscapes. They improve the environment and they give your garden a romantic note.

You’re free to choose whether you’ll plant them directly in the ground, or you could find or purchase proper pots that match a particular style or design and plant your favorite flowers in.

Flowers can create patterns – in general, the whole garden should be a composite made from different patterns. Flowers, greenery, and proper flooring – these three things are all that you need to design the garden of your dreams!

Feel Free To Be You

No matter which type of stone or marble you choose for the walkway, or which type of flowers and greenery you pick for your garden – always remember to listen to yourself and to follow your own preferences.

In the end of the day, you will be the one that will have to spend tour free time there, so it needs to be styled to please you.

Besides listening to your heart during you’re making your choices, always try to motivate yourself to maintain the garden properly and most of all – regularly.

Perfect lawns need a regular trim and the bushes on the ground would turn into a jungle if you don’t pay attention to them – not literally, but try remembering the fact that the garden would be an obligation that you have to really enjoy, so – be yourself, so you could totally have fun while decorating and maintaining it.

Feel free to discuss which things attract your sight to a house – what would you pick for your garden? Do you prefer flowers or greenery? Do you enjoy purchasing decorative things for your gardens? Share your answers with us.

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