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Spring Decorating Trends for This Year

Spring – a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

Changes are a pretty good thing. Especially when it comes to interior design and its decorating trends, which everybody knows how they can expire after a while when they reach the top of their being and they start to be a little dull.

And besides that, nobody likes to have an interior which is just boring or simple, right?

Our new spring brings loads of new trends in the design area, so brace yourselves because loads of new trends have already knocked on our doors.

True Colors

If  other years where the years that brought pastels ‘back from the dead’, this year is the year of the true colors. Vivid colors are back in the game!

Say goodbye to the grey and begin welcoming the colors that would brighten your everyday spare time at your home.

So, if you already have plans for your new spring redecoration at your home, don’t forget to include more color. Switch the ‘bold’ button ON and continue your good work.

You can choose between loads and loads of colors, but if you really want to keep in touch with the latest trends, then you should stick to emerald, violet, and navy blue.

Dark Woods – Glam Attitude

Vividness makes a really big comeback in the area of furniture as well. Say goodbye to the pale or washed out pieces of furniture and bring to life the good old dark wood.

Dark tones are such a synonym for elegance, glamour, and smoothness. This is more than obvious when dark wood is combined with marble or metallic details, such as legs or even handles. They don’t have to be usual or ordinary – and for a change, try to forget the minimalistic Scandi style for a while.

The last several years it seemed like this Scandinavian interior style was popping out from everywhere and admit it or not, it already became kind of boring. So, spice it up and become a part of the ‘dark side’ of the palette.

Global Fusion

Earth tones are never a miss when you’re decorating your home. Clay, beige, eggshell, terracotta or ochre are one of the many possible combinations that you could implement into your own designs for a lovely spring outlook this year.

Travel and cultures are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for every designer around the world, so this year’s trends tend to have a mixture from all of these known countries for their cultures and heritage.

Rich textures, patterns inspired by tradition, textiles with raw and tactile feel to them are definitely staying in the game this year.

Textures Only!

Textures have always been a catch, but they’re having a culmination with this year’s latest trends. It’s all about textures now, so you don’t need to worry about using too much or mixing too many different of them.Even only a single texture can make a difference and it can give a whole new dimension to space. Imagine what could happen if you enrich your place with even more various textures?

Wicker and rattan are the most popular ones for this spring, but since textiles take this huge and playful role in developing the final picture of the interior using details and tactile feel, all options are open.

Tropical State of Mind (and Place)

The tropical trend is growing stronger and stronger this spring. This print was such a blast last year, and this spring it continues with its journey to our homes.

Tropical prints are creative, warm and they give a special tone to the room where they’re put.

If you are still a bit of skeptic about this trend, for starters, try with greens. Mix emerald green with some prints of greenish oversized plants or animals and even insects, and enjoy in your new view at home.

There are so many things and details with this print that could be used for creating a lush place at home. It could be a curtain, a couple of new plates for your dining room, or even new sheets with large-scale exotic birds. It is your choice to make and you have plenty of various opportunities to choose from.

Metallic Paradise

And when you’re doubting how to decorate your home using brass, then the answer is simple – choose a lamp.

Lamps are a practical necessity for every room. Just pick the one that catches your eye the most and mix it with marble details (a total MUST for this spring). This will give a whole new minimalistic, but classy look to your interior.

Life is Beautiful With Marble

And again, Pinterest has stricken a brand new trend – marble. This spring seems like the world revolves around the marble. Textures, details, accessories, decoration – everything that looks like marble is strong in this game of trendy patterns for this spring.

It’s a quite elegant type of decorating material, so it could fit perfectly nearly all following styles. Trendy or not, marble is a classic. It’s perfect for those who want a minimalistic, but effective designs at their home. It surely knows how to draw people’s attention, so be brave to design even a corner from your favorite room and try putting a marble in it.

Rumor has it, that marble cushions are an ultimate hit these days.

Regardless what’s in and out for this year’s trends, always tend to stick to whatever you personally prefer or consider more appropriate to your style of life. Just pick your all-time favorites and start not only planning but enjoying your refreshed everyday surrounding this spring.

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