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Starting Green With the Clean

There is no doubt that this is the era of the all-organic lifestyle. Nowadays, not only food and make-up but also housing and home maintenance turns to nature and begins using natural and non-aggressive and environment-friendly cleansers.

Some of you may ask yourselves – why natural, what’s the matter with the classical detergents?

And still, the answer is very, very simple:

Cleaning with natural cleansers is not only cheaper but also a healthier option for you and the environment.

It was about time for many people to realize that commercial cleansers are a real threat because nearly all of them contain some aggressive ingredients that can be harmful to our health.


So, this time we’ll try to stick to the ‘green side’ and discuss how can one maintain a clean and shiny home, using 0 (zero) toxic ingredients.



Introducing the ‘Spice for Everything Nice’

Using natural ingredients to clean messy surfaces can be fun. Besides the budget-friendly side, another good thing is that the cleaning can be done with things that everyone has in their homes.

Also, green and eco-friendly ingredients such as soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, vodka, lemon, and salt, can be found in nearly every kitchen.

Now, you could enjoy the perks of a clean and eco-friendly home, totally inexpensively.

Started From the Bathroom Now We’re Here

First of all, you need to create your own routine. Every little task needs a routine, so it would be much easier for you if you make a small plan for every room in your home.

Creating and getting into your own routine can really make the whole cleaning process enjoyable and turn it into a whole afternoon of fun!

Pick the main starting point and always start with the areas that need more scrubbing and dusting. For example, start from the bathroom. Since it is a delicate place that needs to be shiny and clean nearly all the time (for your own sake), set your own milestones that can help you in maintaining a clean and healthy area for an everyday use.


Once you’ve rolled up all your rugs and lifted all movable items, you’ll just need sponges and a box of baking soda.

Feel free to sprinkle the baking soda all over the flooring (or add it directly to the sponge) and start scrubbing.

Soda is the basic ingredient that can literally save your life in many situations. There are dozens of different types of sodas and they all are eco-friendly. A bonus thing is that soda isn’t harmful to your children or your pets, so feel free to include your kids in the cleaning process. A whole day of fun and laughs is truly guaranteed!

Baking soda is a must, not only for the bathroom! Use it mixed with a small amount of water to form a paste. This way you can clean

all kinds of surface rust, your silver or even dishes or cups with nasty stains that can be found in your kitchen.

And that’s not all – if you mix your baking soda with a small amount of vinegar, it will create a foaming reaction in seconds. This way you can clean your pipes and refresh or deodorize the drain.

A Solution for Stains

If you’re dealing with stains (we know how the struggle can be real with these buddies), then think about using some diluted vinegar to finally say goodbye to all kinds of stains.

You could even eliminate dust with a mixture of distilled water and vinegar (1:1), pour it in a spray bottle and clean all surfaces with it, including windows and glass.

In cases where there are some really hardcore stains, feel free to use the paste made from baking soda to eliminate all dirt. Leave it on the surface for a couple of minutes and gently start with the rubbing. This may take some really serious work the first time but in time it will become a regular routine for you.

A Fresh and Natural Mist

Some small places of your home, like utilities or even bathrooms, contain smooth and fluffy details such as towels, bathrobes and many more, so it is more than clear that they can find a way to hold onto odors.

To prevent the odor, you can choose between using lemon or even various essential oils.

Consider adding a little amount of essential oil (feel free to choose your favorite smell) in distilled water and make an eco-friendly freshener for your home.

It would be ideal if you add this mixture into a spray bottle. This way you can use this air-freshener whenever you need.

Spray directly on the clothes, curtains, towels, and enjoy the flamboyant smell for a while!

White and Shine

We often admire all shiny-looking surfaces from commercials or home design magazines but it seems so hard to keep your home dust-free or without a single stain.

Is it possible to have a clean place in a New York minute? Well, guess what – you’ll only need some old rags and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen is a safe alternative version of the bleach. Feel free to use it in cases when you need to eliminate mold, mildew and some hardcore stains.

Hydrogen peroxide can kill any bacteria, including strains like the dangerous salmonella. You can use this ingredient anytime you need bleaching and antiseptic cleaning.

A bonus tip: there is a version of hydrogen peroxide that is safe for our teeth ( a 3% hydrogen peroxide) and it can be used for whiter and shinier teeth.

Just rinse your mouth with one small cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide every night and in two weeks you’ll have whiter teeth and a glorious smile.


Nature and everyday surroundings remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration when it comes to using detergents that aren’t harmful to our health and environment.

Don’t hesitate and go with the flow with this one. In a while, you won’t have any doubts about your choice to switch your conventional detergents for more natural substitutes.

Last but not least, you could finally enjoy the perks of your clean home, spending less money on dangerous and weirdly smelling cleansers.

Saving money couldn’t be easier!

Feel free to share your own tips, tricks, and recipes for other eco-friendly cleansers.

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