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The importance of colors

The best colors for cozy home decoration

Colors have the impact on us, even if we are not aware of that. Every color has a meaning itself. In interior decoration, colors have the impact on the room, as well. Depending on what colors we choose for a room, it will appear small or big, warm or cold, bright or dark. When we choose colors for a certain room or an entire home, we need to have in mind that these colors, with furniture and decor we add in that space, will create a specific atmosphere.

Comfortable and cozy

When we want to achieve a comfortable and warm interior look, there is a color spectrum we can choose and combine. Mainly, we use earth tones palette, which contains calming and dusky shades of colors. All shades we can find in nature can be applied to our interior.

We can name some of them: beige, chocolate brown, warm green, forest green, avocado, mustard, deep yellow, khaki, sand, powder, coral, rust, copper, cognac, red wine, plum, warm gray, aubergine, all shades of brown.

How the colors affect us

Beige – symbolize purity and cleanliness. This color is positive, soft, comforting and subtle.

Brown – is representing stability and reliability. It is the color of earth and it stands for all things natural.

Green – it is a color of calmness and it is relaxing. This color is balanced and it helps with concentration.

Turquoise is spiritual, healing and sophisticated colors. It is the color of the ocean and it is protective and compassionate.

Gray – represent harmony. It is neutral and basic. Great color to mix with other neutral or accent colors.

Yellow is illuminating. It is the color of the Sun. Yellow is fresh, bright, warm and inspirational and it brings joy.

Orange – creativity, and happiness. It is a color that provides confidence and energy.

Coral – symbolizes life and it increases warmth.

Red is intense and warm color. It symbolizes strength, passion, and power. It is very stimulating.

Purple – represent spirituality and sensuality. It is vibrant, meditative and looks artistic. Symbolizes wealth and ambition.

Now when we know the colors, we have to find the best way to combine them for a cozy atmosphere. In general, there are no specific rules about it. We can’t make mistake with any of these colors. We can just take the best from them to make our home the most comfortable place in a world.

The layout

For example, if we are decorating a living room, we can make the base with neutral colors, like gray, brown or tan. After we constructed flooring and wall coverings, as wooden floors, or natural ceramic tiles, and walls in a brown or gray shade, or wallpaper with a natural pattern on it, we continue with decorating with furniture. When we search for furniture, we are looking for colors that will stand out of the neutral background, but not too much, because we are going for comfortable and cozy. We need a sofa in moss green, with deep yellow throw or pillows; an armchair in chocolate brown or aubergine purple. The coffee table should be made of wood, maybe walnut. The carpet can be natural color and material, handmade. If your space needs curtains, they should be airy and transparent, so sunlight and natural light can enter the room in big amount, and our cozy atmosphere can stay untouchable.

The final touch

Now that we’ve reached our comfy look, we need to add just a few things to have it all together. We will need a handmade vase with fresh flowers, wooden bookshelf with our favorite books, picture frames in orange, red, gold or some other accent color. We should also add pot plants, which would emphasize this natural style.


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