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The importance of the entrance to your home

The front door of the home is the very first thing that catches the eye of your beloved guests and somehow it really becomes an object of interest that is prone to numerous analyses and various metaphorical interpretations about its real meaning.

In fact, the thing that has the greatest value here is the affection of the entrance as a whole package. It is a well-known fact that its look and design really are a part of the exterior that has to connect very easily and fluently with the interior, without any strict lines or inappropriate moves. It’s also the thing that (especially) the homeowners use multiple times per day, so it has to be with a decent design and yet so practical.

The entrance door that has a nice and smooth finish, tells a little story for your own home, to all of your future visitors. It always needs to be comfortable, clean and well kept, so it could sound and be a symbol for the welcoming entryway.

Atmosphere Of A Warm Welcome

The welcoming tone is the most important thing that an entrance could have – it is indeed, the purpose of the entrance in general, especially if we are talking about an entrance of a house or an apartment.

Your guests are ‘the star of the night’ and they need to feel the friendly and welcoming vibe of your beloved home.  Second most important and intriguing thing (surely, in a positive way) is the atmosphere that the interior can produce to house guests and householders as well.

Atmospheres are qualities of the architectural spaces that depend on the organization of the interior. Once again, you can see that the interior design is the key detail for achieving a comfortable place for an everyday living in a particular space called our home.

It is true that people experience atmospheres differently because it is a subjective value that totally depends on us, but looking on the bright side (as usual) – there are a couple of unspoken rules that are able to make an influence on the increase of positive atmospheres that are valid for all people generally.


Whether artificial or natural, lightning still remains one of the top most important values of the spaces that produce only warm and calm atmosphere. Lightning is a crucial aspect of the interior because, without it, the interior would just exist without fulfilling its basic value – anthropology and ergonomics. The main purpose of the architecture is to adjust to the human needs and as you already know – the lightning is one of the vital human needs. Besides functionality, lightning has also a practical value – don’t forget that we also need lightning nearby the door, both inside and out.

Still wondering why? Oh well, have you already forgotten that you need to keep your home safe by locking it everytime you go out? Outdoor lights can really help you with the locking or unlocking process, especially if you come home very late at night.


The entrance isn’t fully complete until there isn’t a functional zone from it that would serve you as a ‘mobile utility’ – supremely appreciated when it comes to the kindly greeting of your guests. They would need a place that would be ideal for them to leave their coats and shoes and it would be preferable if this place is nearby the entrance of your home.

There are many different designs of these mobile hangers or whole wardrobes that don’t cost much and make quite an impression to the interior.

Try to follow the styles and designs that you personally prefer and you’ll never make a mistake when it comes to the storage part.

And always keep in mind the fact that you can experiment with adding couple more functional elements to enrich the ‘guest utility’ – add decorative boxes instead of drawers for keeping shoes or bags, add mirrors to visually enlarge the entryway, or add a place that your guests can sit on, while putting their shoes on.


Every color has its own psychological meaning and it’s a common fact that nowadays everybody is familiar with this phenomenon, that it has already become a valuable principle when it comes to the area of interior designing.

There is no definition or answer to the question – which color or colors should I use to decorate my entryway? – it is totally up to you, your personal opinion, wishes, preferences, and feelings about a particular color from the palette of available shades.

Just remember to keep it simple, and never use or mix more than three colors at once. Try to balance the amounts of each color by sticking to the 60-40-20 rule. It means that the base or the primary color should have the presence of 60% in the marked area of the particular room. Then there is the second color with the presence of 40%, and the last one taking part with only 20%, that has to work only with details or finishing touches.


Patterns and textures are more than welcome in the interior designs of your dream entryway look, in order to make the space extraordinary and complete. Colours that stand alone in the space, look a little plain and unfinished. Just because of this, the finishing touches are very important for interior designing – they just know how to add life to it in a New York minute!

The palette of choice is as wide as the world – you can choose patterned flooring that could catch one’s eye, or experiment with the walls and add some creative tappets. The final decision is always yours to make.


Last but not least on the ‘to-do’ list are the details. They need to be put everywhere, in order to fully complete the interior design.

There are loads of variations you can use and you just need to wake up your inner child or just to embrace your creativity at its best, so you can finally define the space and keep up the warm ambiance constantly in its full bliss.

Don’t be afraid of the thought that you will make a mistake – there are no mistakes when we’re talking about the home decor because you could never cross the line, even if you add dozens or even loads of decorations!

Add your favourite vase, put your favourite flower on some surface to accent some key focal point of the space, add decorative mirrors, or even rugs and small frames with pictures of your beloved ones, or even motivational quotes – you can never go wrong, just keep expressing yourself through the creative ways of decorating particular areas from small corners in your home.

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