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Trending – Retro Floral Prints

Lately seems like those floral prints have become a part of literally all our everyday surroundings.

Floral prints in different shapes and sizes are everywhere around us – on our clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and lately even in our own homes!

Most of the people think that the floral print is only for the vintage lovers but guess what – this summer, it is all about those ultra-modern vibes made exactly with a little help from florals.

Floral prints can be modern, classy, elegant, and even edgy when we incorporate them into a modern setting. Such a good time for discovering new, innovative ways to implement these prints with pops of color.

If you are a true floral print fan, this might be your lucky day because – brace yourselves, there are some serious tips and tricks in your way!

From Floor to Ceiling

There is absolutely no denying that adding floral prints in our home can change our lives for good, so let’s take a moment to appreciate every well-chosen details that have some kind of floral print on them.

But, in order to create a really modern setting with it, keep in mind that you’ll have to be very careful.

For starters, think wise, be practical and don’t exaggerate with adding florals in every room. This way, your rooms may become overwhelming more quickly and this time, not in a good way.

So, in order to set the right tone, try keeping the balance between the simple and the elegant.

Go Big or Don’t Even Try

Floral prints in smaller scales often can look vintage, or even old school.

The main question surely would be – how to achieve a modern aesthetic with florals?

And the answer is oh-so-simple – always choose floral prints that have larger scales. Go bold, just own the place and let the print become a statement. Then, add neutrals, bright or if you are one of the brave ones – add another bold color and unite the whole place into one whole story of your own.

If you don’t want to get out from your comfort zone, then you surely will need to keep it up with all those earth and airy tones, to turn the focus on the main floral print.

Florals in My Bed

It often seems like floral prints were meant to be found in bedrooms. Florals always work well there because they surely can be added easily to every design concept we have.

Adding some new floral sheets can completely change your sleeping space. In fact, floral prints can refresh your whole bedroom in seconds!

And that’s not all! You can always enrich your bedroom with some cushions or even wall prints that have floral or botanical patterns on them.

A Proper Table Setting

Floral prints can be found literally everywhere, even on your dining table as well.

Especially if you are fond of adding some rustical note and if you like details, you would absolutely adore these several tips!

Try to set a fancy table by adding some floral ‘spice’. Floral prints are perfect for


bringing the nature in your home, so don’t be afraid of adding them on your dinnerware, or even your tea sets.

Enjoy your meals and your spare time surrounded by flowers, by all means.

Don’t Leave the Living Room

Living rooms often are the most used rooms in our homes on a daily basis, so why don’t we try to update them regularly, in order to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Cushions, covers or even rugs with flower patterns are ideal for a quick update. But when it comes to particular trends, this action has to be more detailed.
For example, adding faux flowers or real plants as a décor, or even choosing wall covers and furniture pieces that contain floral prints is a very big step in the area of interior design.

If you like to think outside the box, you should be brave enough to put a brand new sofa with floral print, or new coffee table for your living room that follows this particular trend.

When dealing with florals, the good thing is that this trend can never get boring. It is already an evergreen, whether the size of the print is in small or either large scale.

Always tend to pick those furniture pieces that go well with your personal style, preferences, and way of life in general. This way, you certainly could never go wrong.

Keeping it Simple

In the end, always keep in mind that less is more.

Trends come and go season by season and style is what remains eternal. Try developing your own style and stick to it, no matter which or what are the actual trends in interior design.

 When it comes to floral prints, the most important thing that you need to remember is to be as much simple as you can. Too much floral prints often can cause confusion and you’ll just lose your focus.

The most important thing is to accentuate chosen points from the room and not just to continue adding more and more cushions with various floral prints on your new sofa in your living room.

For starters, choose a couple of key points – the bed from the bedroom, the sofa from your living room, or the dining table from the kitchen and start planning which details to add in order to decorate and refresh your home for the new summer.

Decorating with floral prints can be quite an experience. There are loads and loads of different floral prints that can be used to enrich the final look of our interiors.

And finally – which are your current favorites from this trend? Are you the type of person that prefers some bold large scale florals, or you tend to keep it vintage using small flower prints?

Feel free to share your own decorating tips with floral prints.

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