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Trendy Colors for a Spring Decoration

Colors are one of the many privileges that us people could enjoy. They are an international visual language, ‘talked’ and understood by all of us.

And did you know that colors can really affect your mood or appetite?  It is a fact that certain colors have an impact on our brain and thoughts, so we could all agree that colors have a very important role in our everyday life.

They really matter, especially when we’re talking about the interior design area, where in order to transmit a certain message, the designer first of all has to understand the meaning and the nature of all colors that are used in a certain space.

Stay focused if you’re curious about the latest trends for this spring. This is only the beginning of our journey through the most popular colors for interior design and decoration for this spring!

Vibrant and Bold

It looks like the ‘era of the pastels’ is finally over. This year, it is all about the bold and strong shades. Blushed nudes are still IN but defined basic colors are this year’s must-have.

The final choice definitely remains yours but the good news is that for this spring season you have a very big palette of trendy colors, so the chances for making any mistakes are really low.

In fact, you could never go wrong because every color comes in a bold edition, even your most favorite ones. Just choose whichever ones you feel most comfortable with, or those who seem that go well with your imagined concept. In the end, if you ever feel a lack of creativity or even feel like you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you could always get inspired by Instagram or Pinterest.

Sunshine in my Room

Sun is up, rise and shine!  Have you ever wondered how much yellow is actually too much when we’re speaking of architecture and design?!  Well, forget about it, because this year ‘too much yellow’ doesn’t exist – simple as that.

Whether is ochre, mustard, rich or pastel yellow tone, yellow can, either way, give a warm and rich feeling. Also, it is a color that is able to stimulate the brain, so any activity that is related to concentration could be easily maintained in spaces that include yellow in their design.

It would be a great idea (and the right time!) to paint a yellow wall in your home office or even home library.

50 Shades of Purple

Oh, purple – one could never have enough with this one. A blushed lavender or a strong dark plum, there is no doubt that dark purple in general is the color of the year.

The Pantone company describes UltraViolet as a ‘dramatically provocative and a thoughtful purple shade’ and we definitely couldn’t agree more!

This shade knows how to add depth and dimension to every room. And a bonus one is that it looks very elegant, classy and calming. Since it has the ability to calm your thoughts and relax you, it surely is an ideal color to add it to a bedroom.

Back to Black

We all know that black isn’t a regular color but it surely is a classic one in interior and design overall.

Latest trends intend to use black as a statement color. In fact, this year black is the new neutral and world’s finest designers tend to use it as a ‘replacement’ for nudes.

If you aren’t a ‘too much drama’ type of person or if you don’t like the ‘all black everything’ designs, then you probably would be asking yourselves – how much black is just ‘too much’?

Well, try sticking to the basics and choose a stationary piece, paint it black and add some details in blushed tones or even vivid and bold ones.

A black wall behind the TV or black flooring would be a great start.

Blushed Nudes

The last thing that remained from all those trendy colors from last year are the blushed nudes.

Dusty rose, eggshell, cappuccino, ecru and shadowy umber are one of the thousands to choose from. Dusty rose and mauve are already an evergreen and we must admit that they just succeed in reimagining the whole home styling concept.

They may seem as barely there-colors but one could really develop an elegant and chic design with their help.

Oceanside Turquoise

Travel and adventure are having their own representative from the palette of colors and it comes in turquoise.

It is a cozy, vivid color that gives a very brave character to any space.

Shades of blue are the most frequently used tones in interior design but this spring it is all about turquoise and sapphire.

Try using it on a single wall, combined with furniture in white or some blushed nudes. It would be a win-win situation because believe it or not – one wall could completely change the entire look of the room!

From Dusk Till Dawn

One could never have too many blue details in their home. This year seems like it is all about those blues. And the main reason why people choose blue for their interior designs is very simple. It is a calm color that relaxes our thoughts and mind, so this makes it perfect for mixing it in a room that is meant for spending your spare time.

If you’re not feeling very confident or content with having blue walls in your living room, then you should try sticking to details that enrich the place but are very subtle at the same time.

Try spicing it up with some plush pillows in a washed out blue, or blue-ish tappets on a single wall. They can easily be removed if you ever feel fed up with too many textures but we must admit that tappets are a great solution for getting a sophisticated, elegant and yet minimal interior.

Colors are the dominant accessories for this spring. You can choose from bold reds, blues or purples, to blushed nudes and classical tones that are used in minimalistic interior designs such as the Scandi-ones.

A bonus tip: try mixing some neutral nudes with metallics. You’ll be shocked how amazing your interior design would turn in the final results!

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